Best Ways to Stimulate Libido In a Woman

Women enjoy sex just as much as men do. The difference however is that women want sex to be special and meaningful, full of little play and pomp and a little teasing well men can have sex as simply as “wham, ham and thank you ma’am”. So when a couple engage in getting physically intimate most of the time the woman is left unsatisfied and the effect is that she loses interest in sex altogether. Why do it when you can’t get what you want anyway? A woman will rather watch endless reruns of Grey’s Anatomy hoping that the man in her life will take the hint and cue their next cuddle time after Dr. McDreamy himself.

Rather than risk looking like a complete fool after a failed attempt at channeling McDreamy, guys can do a lot of other things that can help them boost their partner’s sex drive to the hilt with a few simple ways. And this doesn’t really mean you getting your freak on every night if you get the meaning. Just a few simple steps will do and soon you and your partner will be enjoying each other in an intimate way just like before.

One of the things that you can try is the simple act of touching. Try to caress her hair or her neck in a soft, gentle manner but firm enough that she gets the meaning. Don’t try to hard though and make this little skin on skin moment last longer. Women have always enjoyed the intimacy of a touch ever since time began as it makes them feel connected to their partner. Pay particular attention to her collarbone because this part is very sensitive and this is a sure way to get the mood firing up.


You can also ply her with food and don’t limit yourself to food reputed to be aphrodisiacs. Set up a romantic dinner for her as cliché as it may sound. Go with the works, by lighting up candles, playing a little mellow music like that of Barry Manilow, a little chilled wine and sumptuous food of course. Dress up her favorite food by adding a little elegance to it, and the arrangement is the key. If your girl loves her chicken roasted make it more special by throwing in a few toasted croutons or match this up with a complimentary dish. Of course using aphrodisiacs isn’t all that pointless so try her with a little chocolate or oysters.

When all of this is done give her a little something-something before you get all intimate. Give her a back massage and while you’re at it whisper sweet little nothings into her ear. Play with her palms while you talk since the palms are a very sensitive part of the body and tracing her palms will send her pleasant little shivers that will build up the mood.

And then there’s the act of lovemaking itself. The average time that a woman will get an orgasm is between 10 to 15 minutes of intercourse while for a man it is less so try to please her as long as you can and if you do this you’ll not only rekindle your love life your making a more intimate bond with her as you both experience that climactic finish together as all couples should.

Pleasing your partner is all about knowing her needs and if you address her needs well you’ll both enjoy a long and happy relationship together.


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