Reasons For Women To Lose Their Libido

Your partner has just prepared what could have been the most delicious meal of your life. Every dish that was set before you was perfect, and the atmosphere was even great. Now she or he is giving you a nice back rub. It’ll start first with the back of your neck, then to your tired shoulders and now he or she is caressing your hair and talking so closely that you can feel his or her breath wash across your ear and the sensation is quite nice. But just as things were getting good you suddenly remember that your favorite show is on and you hurriedly leave the table to watch. You then hear yourself saying, “Not tonight honey, I want to find out if they save the guy’s life.”

Sounds familiar?

Losing your libido is a common problem that most couples face during their relationship. What was once a thriving sex life where you couldn’t unglue yourself from each other is now a distant memory that you try desperately to revive. But like the attempt to resurrect dinosaurs just like in Jurassic Park you’re faced with constant if not humiliating results again and again. No matter what you do, you just can’t get your partner or yourself for that matter to get interested in getting physically intimate wit h each other again. And for a couple this is a real problem that needs to be solved and the first thing you need to do is to learn its cause.

One of the causes of losing the appetite to engage in any sexual activity is physical. Anemia in women can cause low sex drive as iron is lost from their system. Another reason is alcoholism and drug abuse since these activities tend to disrupt the normal hormone levels of a person. Also a woman who just gave birth shouldn’t be expected to have any interest in sex after childbirth since she has just undergone a major hormonal change. Plus the general trauma of childbirth is big factor why she has a very low sex drive. Diseases or disorders can also be a reason why people have low sex drives especially when its diseases like diabetes.

Another major reason for your partner’s low sexual appetite or libido is purely psychological. The most common and the easiest to diagnose is stress related. This is not surprising considering the hectic world we live in, where the loom of constant deadlines and responsibility is greater than ever. Overwork is also another reason or more aptly another factor that leads to a greater factor in a person’s loss for sexual interest which is exhaustion. Other psychological reasons are of greater magnitude though and may require professional help. Things like depression, hang-ups from childhood rape, past sexual abuse such as molestation or rape, or latent lesbianism or homosexuality can be major reasons why your partner has a low sex drive.

But one reason can be natural though. As a person ages he or she stops producing certain hormones that stimulate a person’s sexual drive. This is true for people who have reached their “golden years” but certain drugs have been developed to help overcome such problems.

Losing your libido need not be such a difficult thing to correct. You merely have to address the cause of the problem and seek professional help when necessary. Soon you’ll have your sex life on track.

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